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Can I Pray For Healing & Deliverance Through Litany Prayers?

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litany-treePraying a Litany under the guidance of the Holy Spirit introduces us to the power of God’s Word for healing and sets us free from the being captive to sinful ways. Only God knows our weaknesses and vulnerability. Satan uses them to deceive us. When we sit/wait/listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and connect with a specific title, Jesus is revealing and offering us his healing power for ourselves and for others.

Jesus is both human and divine and every action of His human life has a divine blessing. These acts or actions of Christ’s life death and resurrection redeem us from the effects of sin and have no use by date. We can proclaim the individual acts or actions of Jesus named in a litany prayer as a healing prayer and deliverance when we are heavily burdened or spiritually oppressed.

Each title is pregnant with grace. When prayed in faith as a meditative prayer we are receiving the grace to be restored to wholeness. Litany prayers are like antibiotics in our modern world of medicine. They go to the core of the infection within our spirit. The Holy Spirit instructs us on a daily basis or over a period of time to meditate on the same title. He may prompt us to pray more than one title for our healing.

The depth of our emotional pain is rarely from one simple event that has occurred in our life. It is usually from a series of events that has happened and registers within us as layers of unresolved hurts. The different litany titles address those issues and heal them just like antibiotics heal a variety of infectious bacteria.

A variety of Litany Prayers are available to us in Catholic Devotions for our deliverance and healing. We are not alone; we are the progeny of a family tree that shares in the blessings and the sinful burdens of our ancestors. (These sinful burdens can predispose or open our thoughts towards similar temptations). (Exodus 34: 6-8)

As we give thanks for our ancestor’s lives, their blessings of love and goodness continue to grow within us. Praying the Litany titles will help us to be set free from any sinful burdens or unredeemed character traits that we can identify in ourselves.

Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest. (Matt11:28)