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Spiritual Direction

Should you have a Spiritual Director:   If you have trouble translating a deep spiritual experience into daily living, a wise spiritual director may provide some of the answers.

  • Does it help in my growing relationship with the Lord?
  • Do you feel isolated and alone in striving to live your daily life account to the will of the Father?
  • Not sure how to proceed and need some guidance and direction
  • Seeking genuine authenticity in your life when you are bombarded daily with slogans programs and projects.
  • The hurry speed and confusion of the modern world and no time in interiorize much of anything
  • Prudent spiritual direction will help you to discern which inspirations come from God and which will best aid you in implementing his will in your life.

Individual Commitment to participate in Spiritual Direction over 40 weeks
1. Spend one hour daily in personal prayer
2. Willingness to discuss your prayer life, feelings, values and deep desires with your director for at least one hour every week
3. Keep a journal of your prayer experiences
4. Be willing to fully commit to 40 weeks of program.  This may require setting aside other commitments
5. Weekly individual spiritual direction via the telephone of Skype

Individual Spiritual Direction
For mature Christians we offer  individual Spiritual Direction on a monthly basis


The Cost

  • Suggested donation $60 each direction session.
  • The cost should not prevent or inhibit your desire to undertake personal prayer ministry. You are welcome to give as your circumstances allow.


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