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A New Life Through Grace

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Life’s hurts can begin within the womb. Sometimes our negativity or spiritual heaviness can be attributed to womb experiences. With Jesus there is no time; past, present and future are the same. Through faith we can pray for our genetic D.N.A. Code to be infused with God’s love and glory. This simple visualisation prayer guides us how to proclaim Jesus’ glory for our transformation.

Prayer Exercise:

In the plant kingdom favourable conditions are necessary for germination of a seed.

However, many human conceptions have not enjoyed favourable conditions. Conception may have occurred regardless of the negative factors present at the time.

– Abuse – exploitation – addictions

The fertilised embryo can absorb this negativity but prayer will set us free from remaining spiritually oppressed.

With Jesus there is no time and through prayer we can revisit the moment of our conception and receive God’s divine love for a new life of grace.

Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit to bring about Jesus’ conception. You too in faith can proclaim that same grace for your conception.

O Mary, conceived without Sin pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Visualise the heart of Jesus pulsating with love.

Amidst this radiance your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg come together and fuse as one, creating a new entity; you.

The light surrounds, envelops and enters you. With each cell division it overshadows any darkness within.

Watch as your cells multiply, each filled with the Glory of God.

Revisit this scene daily, especially if you are a negative person.

Helpful prayer affirmations to use in your quiet time:

I am filled with God’s glory.
Jesus, love
I reflect the light of Christ.


Prayer affirmations are like living waters of grace that continue to nourish us as we grow in grace.


Prayer Comment:

God blesses our family and His blessings of goodness, kindness and joy flow down the generations. The negative or sinful character traits also flow down the generational line. As we pray for a new life of grace our former NEGATIVE predispositions fade away.