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Praying the Angelus Way


Learning to Pray the Angelus Way
Welcome to Praying the Angelus Way.  This is designed as an exercise in self-directed learning in Prayer that fits into your regular daily Angelus Prayer.
You are invited to use the Angelus  process for a better understanding of how one might find a sense of wholeness and healing that would enable one to love, live and work in consistent, organized and meaningful ways as called by Christ through the use of the Prayer Card. 

The program is designed in 6 sessions over 8 weeks or as your schedule permits
1.  I say Yes
2. The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me    
3. Listening to the Heart of God
4. I am healed   
5. Praying for others   
6. I give thanks

Each of the sessions are designed for you within the context of your daily life and can be flexible enough to fit into your prayer journey using the Angelus Way of Prayer.
All participants are offered the opportunity for 2 sessions of individual spiritual direction via email, the telephone or Skype if preferred. This may be helpful to review your progress and pray for any road blocks to the next stage of the program.  All Prayer materials available for download on this website.

Session  1 – I say Yes
Mary was Christ’s first disciple and is our role model in faith and service for God. Through our consecration to her she becomes inseparable to us and is always with us here on earth and in heaven.  Through her the gates of heaven are always open to us for our prayer mission
Session 2 – The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me  
The Mission of the Angelus is built around this key scripture passage proclaimed by Jesus Christ in Nazareth as He read to the assembly from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah.

The spirit of the Lord is on me,
for he has anointed me
to bring the good news to the afflicted.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives,
sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free,
to proclaim a year of favour from the Lord…
This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen

So as we introduce you to the prayer card we ask that you use this scripture to begin your introduction to the Angelus Way of Prayer.  

Session 3 – Listening to the Heart of God
Is a gift and grace of the Holy Spirit that enables us to gaze on Jesus and Him on us?  In the silence of His love our hearts begin to be purified and we begin to see and understand everything in the light of his truth and compassion.  In the Angelus way of contemplation we combine passive and active forms of contemplation.  We will be depthing the heart of God in the Angelus Way of Prayer within the context of your daily life and prayer journey?

Session 4  – I am healed
Through the power of the Holy Spirit I can ask Jesus to reveal to me areas in my life that have been hurt or damaged through the effects of sin or  wrong choices.  I can pray with Jesus for them to be healed.  By reverently coming into the presence of God   
 All events that have happened in my life and those I am praying for are always present to God.  With God there is no time past present and future are eternally present to Him.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit I can ask Jesus to reveal to me  areas in my life that have been hurt or damaged through the effects of sin. I can pray with Jesus for them to be healed.  Easy process through the Prayer Card that enables you to pray through the issues, hurts and choices that you have made.

Session 5  – Praying for Others
In  the prayer of intercession we join with Jesus in his prayer of petition as he stands
in the Father’s presence praying for us.   
The Angelus way of intercession  encompassed the prayer of  the heart ( contemplating a heart word )  with the prayer of inner healing( for the hurts of our life ) and the virtue of spiritual poverty ( being poor and humble in spirit ) .  This way of praying receives the anointing of the Holy Spirit that will  prompt an intercessor how to pray for specific  personal issues  and then pray for those same issues  in a wider context for the  salvation of others.
Session 6 –  I give thanks
Have I given thanks to God for his gifts and graces to-day?
In our hectic lifestyles we can be busy trying to fulfill all the needs and desires of our hearts and the requests of others that we fail to stop and reflect.  
The Angelus Examin invites me to pause and to quietly reflect by giving thanks for the many blessing that I have. The ability to walk see, hear, experience the joy, hope, faith, love and family that I have.   Giving thanks to God with a grateful heart extends our heart for God to bless us with even more gifts and graces.
The Graces through the Angelus Way of Prayer
Learn New and deeper methods of prayer using the imaginative contemplation to experience the scriptures in a new way.  Experience sacredness of spiritual conversations with your supervisor, director, or prayer partner.
The Commitment
Be willing to fully commit to the program.   This may require setting aside other commitments.  Initially to spend 10 minutes daily in personal prayer.  This may increase as the program progresses.  Everyone is reminded that as part of the Laity we can only do what we can.
An openness and willingness to discuss your prayer life, feelings, values and deep desires with your supervisor, director, or prayer partner.  Keeping  a journal of your prayer experiences
The Cost
Suggested donation of $120 for the full program.  If this is problematic then a weekly amount as you can.   
You pay your own internet costs and your cost of skype or phone calls if necessary. .
Payment can be made through this website       


Check List

Communication Plan

Participants are asked to bear the cost of phoning his/her director once a week. If you have a computer, and are connected to the internet, this option can be made completely free by downloading Skype onto your computer. You may need to purchase a set of earphones and/or a webcam if your computer does not have this as standard.

  • I will communicate via the telephone
  • I have a computer and a Skype address, and will communicate with Skype
  • I have a computer and would like to know more about Skype

After reading this application for Formation, I have discerned that I am ready to participate at this time. I have prayed and reflected on the application questions and have arranged payment for the sessions.