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About the Angelus Prayer Mission

Mary of the Angelus Prayer Mission provides a support network for spiritual and practical actions of God’s charity, mercy and welfare for the poor.
We pray for the  healing and transforming power of the Holy Spirit to mend broken hearts by setting people free from their emotional hurts and wounds and assist in outreach.

The Mary of the Angelus Prayer Mission Incorporated is a private association of Christ’s faithful, made up of lay persons and clerics, involving people at all stages of life who desire to commit themselves to be active in the Catholic Church’s communion and mission.
The call of Mary of the Angelus is both contemplative and apostolic and is at the heart of the Church’s faith, devotion and practice.   


On the Feast of the Visitation, 31st May 2013 Reverend Bishop G. Jarrett approved the Lay Association of Christ’s Faithful called Mary of the Angelus Prayer Mission.

This Association is one of the fruits from the work of the New Evangelisation that is now occurring within the Church. Under the guidance of Father Vincent Doyle and Mrs. Valerie Murphy from the Lismore Diocese and their desired to create a community support network for God’s poor in both prayer and outreach.