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Co-Founder Mrs. Valerie Murphy

valerie-murphy-co-founderValerie’ has been presenting teaching days and prayer workshops for over thirty years.  She nurtures and encourages us to grow into a deeper awareness of our own spiritual experiences through the story of our life.

Mrs. Valerie Murphy is a wife, mother and grandmother as well as co-founder of the Angelus Prayer Mission. In 1979 Valerie became involved in the Charismatic Renewal and received healing prayer ministry from Fr Vince Doyle at Bellingen in NSW. 

Combining her vision of intercession with Father Doyle’s prayer ministry they initiated a spiritual support network for God’s poor.  Valerie and her husband established the first Anawim house near Grafton in 1982, with her husband, she co-foundered Moriah Community, a refuge and healing center for the marginalized in central NSW.

While ministering to their obvious needs, the Holy Spirit guided her on how to apply God’s spiritual gifts in a practical way for the healing of life’s hurts. Mrs. Murphy recognised a need existed for the poor to be able to minister to the poor.  They developed a support network for those who had no emotional, physical or spiritual support in place.  Fr. Doyle became the Chaplain to the Moriah Community as it became a safe haven where people could come and stay.

In the 1990’s Valerie and Father Doyle recognized a need to facilitate intercessory prayer groups to pray for the new evangelization.   They offered retreats and prayer workshops and helped to form and nurture self-help healing/intercessory prayer groups both locally and overseas.
From this prayer ministry Mary of the Angelus Prayer Mission was inaugurated to encourage the spiritual and personal growth of members and for all teaching resources to be based on the Catholic Catechism.

Valerie has a Diploma of Applied Science and as a wife, mother and grandmother continues to promote the Angelus Prayer Ministry and the healing power of God’s love.