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Supervision has the intentionality to help people to

  • understand themselves more clearly
  • to assist in the development and refinement of ministering competencies
  • to sharpen and clarify theological understanding
  • and to deepen Christian commitment, whatever direction that may take.
  • Supervision is  not haphazard or accidental; it has goals and occurs with regularity.

Individual Commitment to participate in Supervision
In summary, you are asked to commit to the following tasks to enable the easy facilitation of the supervision.
1. Establishing a time line and communication plan with Supervisor
2. Keeping a weekly log
3. Preparing a weekly written report
4. Articulating a learning goal
5. Engaging with a Supervisor one hour each week
6. Completing a feedback survey at the completion of the supervision period

The Cost

  • Suggested donation $60 each direction session.
  • The cost should not prevent or inhibit your desire to undertake personal prayer ministry. You are welcome to give as your circumstances allow.


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