Prayer Mission | Angleus Members Area

Why Become A Member Of The Angelus?

In different ages throughout the history of the Church, the Holy Spirit has inspired individuals or whole communities to pray for the spiritual and physical needs of others. Prayer is the link between God and us. Through the power of the  Holy Spirit God is continually raising up a prayer army to pray for everyone to receive the gift of salvation.
In 1996 the founders of Mary of the Angelus were inspired by the Holy Spirit to form an association as an outreach to provide a prayer network for spiritual support and works of mercy with an Anawin community.

Embracing Mary as their role model for intercessory prayer they encourage everyone to pray for a new outpouring s of the Holy Spirit so they can conceive the Word of God and give birth to Jesus in the hearts of those they pray for.

Each day the Angelus members, supporters or associates continues the commitment to fulfil the Prayer Ministry and Mission Outreach that Jesus proclaimed in Luke 4:18


Bring the good news to the poor.
Proclaiming liberty to captives,
Sight to the blind,
To let the oppressed go free,
To proclaim a year of favour
This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen.


  • Membership provides an instant prayer community for prayer partnerships.
    They have access to the current teaching of Angelus prayer Workshops
  • Praying the Angelus Way introduces us to the different stages that are involved in the formation of an Angelus prayer intercessor. It enriches within us a greater appreciation of God’s love and the breadth and the depth of his love that he has for those who respond to his call.
    Angelus Prayer Ministry equips and trains people to pray invoking the gifts of the Holy Spirit for prayer evangelisation.
  • They mature in the prayer gifts of the Holy Spirit and confidently engage in spiritual warfare to proclaim Christ’s promises for the release of people still held in captive to sinful ways.
    After their consecration all members partake in the blessing of the Angelus Prayer Charisms.
  • Members are a small link in God’s chain of grace for this 21st Century to proclaim the promises of Christ in spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness.
    Belonging to Mary’s Prayer Army requires commitment, perseverance and a willingness to engage in spiritual prayer exercises. These exercises increase our awareness of God’s love, and His desire for us to become whole people.

People can become volunteers in the Outreach Activates in many different ways following the example of Mary McKillop – “never see a need without doing something about it”

What are the needs of my community, home, workplace, country?

Take some quality time to take a good look at the things that surround you – listen, ask questions, volunteer – be still and watch remember – it is about seeing and doing.

What will I do when I see a need in my community?

Will I wait for someone else to do or act with Jesus to meet the need? Will I act like an ignorant or apathetic person? Will I jump in or run away?

How – can I help?

I can use my time, prayer or my resources to fill the need? I am gifted to help others because God first gifted me.

Why – should we live and act this way?

We are members of the Body and Jesus is our Leader. He encourages us to work together and with Him. In our prayer for ourselves and others Jesus promises us our prayers to the Father will always be answered. When we pray in the name of Jesus because the Father will give you all you need. This enables us to bear fruit by loving one another. (John 15:17)

When – will this happen?
When we take seriously the call of Jesus and decide to move out of our comfort zone and follow the examples of Jesus to walk humbly, act justly and love tenderly.