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Spiritual Counselling

Are you struggling with life related issues – we might be able to help?

Helping people to deal with issues such as anxiety, grief and loss, depression, and trauma, can make positive changes in their lives.
People who come to counselling usually want some aspect of their life to be different. Counselling gives you a private and confidential opportunity to work out what changes you want to make and how to make them.
Counselling might be useful in many phases in your life when you need to talk and there is simply no one appropriate to listen – a counsellor may offer the ear you need.
When you’re feeling blue, or stuck, or out of control – counselling can help you to make some changes.  When your relationship feels rocky or you’re at odds with your relationships then perhaps counselling can help.

Individual Commitment to participate in Counselling
1. Keep a written journal of your personal experiences
2. Regular engagement with a qualified Counsellor for  one hour each week
3. A Willingness to discuss your  feelings, values, prayer life and deep desires


The Cost

  • Suggested donation $60 each direction session.
  • The cost should not prevent or inhibit your desire to undertake personal prayer ministry. You are welcome to give as your circumstances allow.


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