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Father Vincent Doyle Recommendation

fr vince recommendationI recommend the daily use of the Angelus Prayer Card for great blessings to come to you and to everyone that you pray for.
In my preparation for priesthood and fifty –two years as a priest I have received many healing experiences that have blessed me and flowed through me to my other brothers and sisters in Christ.
In 1996 Blessed Pope John Paul 11 invited many new renewal movements within the Church to receive His blessing on Pentecost Sunday at Rome in the Year of the Holy Spirit. Mary of the Angelus Prayer Mission was one of these new movements blessed and encouraged to be part of the Church’s mission to bring the Good News to the people of the 21st century.
Sharing in Mary’s Consecration opens us up to the depths of her mission with a new understanding of grace.  We will always be renewed by Jesus ‘consecration of himself for us as emptied himself to become poor to bring us the riches of heaven.  Mary chose to do his will in all things and shows us the importance of   spiritual poverty that will prepare us to receive healing and conversion through God’s bountiful love.
The prayer Card also gives new insights and blessings by combining together the gifts of Contemplation Prayer, Intercessory and Inner Healing Prayer.
I encourage you to faithfully follow
these prayer steps and to allow yourself
to be blessed and empowered by God for
your prayer mission.
Father Vincent Doyle