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An Empty Heart – Learnning how to Visualise for Healing

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Learning how to pray with the imagination for healing
This prayer guides us how to pray and receive Jesus’ love for our emotional pain .and our emotional pain or wounded spirit.

Do you identify with any of following?

  • loneliness
  • sadness
  • disbelief
  • emptiness
  • low self-worth

All negative feelings that we carry within erode our sense of self worth/self love, causing holes/craters.  Our hearts are yearning to be filled with love, but it’s like we have an inner hole where love continually drains out.  The following prayer exercise will help this hole to heal and close over.

My inner hole:

Visualise the risen Jesus. Touch the holes in His hands, feet and side.
Thank Him for the pain and suffering He endured for love of you.  Ask Jesus to show you any ‘hole/s’ in your heart.  What has been the cause?

Sit with this for a while.  It is important to allow the depth of your feelings to surface – do not suppress them.

Invite Jesus to touch the hole in your heart.

Jesus, I offer to you the pain and suffering of my wounds and join them with yours.

Invite Him to tend your wounds.
You may experience stinging as He cleanses them with the wine of compassion that the Good Samaritan used.
Now experience relief as the soothing oil is poured into the hole in your heart.

Each morning in your quiet time invite Jesus to minister His balm of love to help ease your inner aching.

It is helpful to slowly repeat a heart word ~~

Jesus, fill me with your love.
Jesus, help me to love myself.
Jesus, love

The above affirmations are examples, but always invite the Holy Spirit to anoint you with your own special heart word.

Prayer Comment:

Jesus has many blessings to give you for the healing of your emotional pain.  As we open our heart to receive his love he will take us deeper into his mysteries of grace.  He teaches us about forgiveness and mercy, praying the scriptures and how to communicate with him through the power of his spirit.