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Angelus Prayer Card Contemplation Resting in God’s Heart

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1. To Sit :

Is to choose a quiet and sacred place to relax and be present to Jesus.
Place all your fears and concerns into his heart and imagine the rays of the Holy Spirit overshadowing you.

Repeatedly pray “Come Holy Spirit, come Holy Spirit “for approximately two minutes. (Those with the gift of tongues can alternatively pray in tongues).

2.To Wait:

Is to be still and know that I am God. Our thoughts are silenced for a union of hearts. We are receiving the power of God’s love through His spirit.
Keep focussed on the rays of the Holy Spirit or an image of Jesus.

To quieten the interior distracting voices (repeatedly pray the name of Jesus) or focus on a word or phrase from a scripture passage.

3.To Listen:

Is to listen and be attentive to our inner self.  To be conscious of the Holy Spirit flooding our being with his love

Remain in his love for five to ten minutes daily

4. Spiritual Growth through love.

The prayer of contemplation transforms our heart.  The Holy Spirit empowers us to pray for healing.

The spiritual gifts are nourished to enlighten us how to pray for healing and for a new life of grace.  (The prayer of inner healing and intercession).