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Being cursed in the Birthing Process

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For any mother, the birth of her child is a stressful time in her life, even in the ideal circumstances of a well-equipped hospital and supporting family.

womb1Sometimes a mother can express her fears and pain through death wishes or by cursing others. She can begin to feel antagonistic towards God, the baby, husband, doctors or loved ones and wish ill will to one or all of them

This way of coping is quite common in childbirth.

father-thoughtsA father or other relative may also curse the child, for causing such pain or believing the child to be an intrusion or unwelcome addition to the family

Many emotional fears, anxieties and insecurities can be traced back to a difficult birth of prolonged labour and the spiritual effects of a curse.


Prayer Ministry for a Curse:

Bless those who curse you and pray for those who treat you badly.( Luke 6:28 )

Wishing harm or ill will towards others does have spiritual consequences. It effects both parties the person who placed the curse and for the victim of the curse.

To curse is to invoke the powers of darkness to overshadow another person and to harm them in some way. Some curses can be quite specific asking for generations to be affected.

Words do have a power over us and can spiritually bind us when they are filled with malicious hate or vindictiveness. They prevent God’s love and blessings flowing freely in our lives. Curses can be removed when we forgive and ask God to bless those who have cursed us.

sadnessCurses are often the invisible factor that prevent people from being filled with joy and keeps them in bondage to negative attitudes, accident prone, or being spiritually oppressed.

Jesus came to set everyone free even those who were cursed within the womb. The shedding of his blood has redeemed us from the effects of the curse. When we proclaim in faith Christ’s victory over evil we too can pray for a curse to be lifted.



Jesus I ask for your forgiveness for myself and any of my ancestors if we have cursed God or anyone else.

If I or my family members past or present have been the victims of a curse I stand in for them and ask for you to forgive those who have cursed us. Have mercy on us all.

Through your death on a cross you shed your blood as the sacrificial Lamb of God and were victorious over sin and malice. Jesus, in the power of your Name deliver us from any curses and bless those who have cursed a child within the womb.

Thank you Jesus for setting us free and restoring us through your love and grace. In Jesus name I pray Amen.


Prayer Comment:

Our faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour is put to the test when we pray for a curse to be lifted. When our faith is an intellectual concept that everything in heaven and on earth will bow to the name of Jesus because the Bible tell us so then the powers of darkness will and do retaliate. They may cause the person praying or the person being prayed for to shake uncontrollably.

The powers of darkness know when we do not truly believe in the power of Christ’ name and authority. I recommend if anyone wishes to pray away curses they consider asking Jesus to increase within them his authority and the divine gifts of faith, hope and love. These are supernatural graces that Jesus offers to all those who ask. (Matt 7:7)

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law like being cursed for our sake since scripture says:

Anyone hanged is a accursed, so that the blessing of Abraham may come to the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, and so that we might receive the promised spirit through faith.( Galatians 3:13-14)