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Being nourished at the Breasts of Mary

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This prayer for healing empowers us through God’s spirit to receive the maternal love and nurturing that Jesus received from the Mother of God after his birth.

Many mothers are unable to nurture their child at the breast due to a variety of circumstances. A new born child receives maternal comfort at the breast. They feel secure listening to the mother’s heartbeat as it’s the only noise they are familiar with since their conception within the womb. Stroking also plays a large part in the emotional development of the child.

Seeking prayer ministry to be nourished at Mary’s breast will heal and renew our ability to bond with our mother and father. Sets us free from continually seeking to be affirmed and blesses us with a deep inner peace in mind, body and spirit.

The act of forgiveness is always the starting point for prayer ministry. Babies are like blotting paper and absorb the stresses of their parent’s lives even from within the womb. We begin by unlocking God’s blessings and forgiving our parents for not being perfect.

See Ps 58:3 & the explanation in the Prayer ministry for rejection in the mother’s womb teaching that explains that it is not the same forgiveness as when we make a conscious decision to sin in later childhood and above.

This prayer invites us to revisit our nurturing time with our mother and to give thanks for her maternal love.

For some people they may be prompted to ask for the grace to forgive their parents if they were emotionally deprived of their presence and bonding love.

Some of these following questions may not be applicable to you. They ask you to recall your feelings and associated response to any discussions about the events of your birth and infancy from relatives or friends.


Prayer Ministry:

Find a quiet or sacred place and imagine yourself in the presence of Jesus as you reflect about these questions.

Was your nurturing cut short because your mother fell pregnant with another child? ……………………………………………………………………………………..

Were there financial or employment circumstances in the family that prevented your mother from breast feeding you? ………………………………………………………………..

Were their medical complications that prevented your mother from breast-feeding? …………………………………………………………………….


Silently reflect on the emotions that surface.

e.g. You may recall a chance remark or comment by one of your parents or relatives. ( ‘I had no milk’, or ‘your mother was under a lot of stress at the time’. )

Where were you when you first heard these words? How old were you? Take notice if you are feeling emotional about those words or memories…………

If you did experience an emotional reaction it’s important to surrender those feelings to Jesus. We can do this by interiorly imagining what shape or size these feelings are and then hand that image back to Jesus.

e.g. Some people may imagine them to be represented as a black cloud, or a big bag of jumbled up feelings. etc .etc.

Jesus, I ask you for the grace to forgive my mother and father for any undue stress I received in the womb. I also choose to surrender any unresolved feelings I have about their bonding and nurturing time with me. …………………..


Proclaiming God’s word:

This next step towards healing introduces us to praying the scriptures by dwelling on God’s word. We imagine ourselves in the scene, be aware of the smells and noises of the event and to sit / wait/ listen. Choosing a sacred word from scripture and pondering this word connects our heart to God’s. His promises will now become alive and active in our lives.

Our next step is an action of faith. We proclaim God’s word and then prayerfully appropriate God’s promises for our healing.


e.g. Isaiah 66:11

“So that you may be suckled and satisfied from her consoling breast so that you may drink deep with delight from her generous nipple. “

Choose sacred words like “consoling breast” or “delight” and dwell upon them imagining the Mother of God suckling you as a baby for a few minutes.

Now appropriate God’s word and promises for your healing.

I give thanks to God for consoling me in body, soul and spirit. For nourishing me with all the nutriments for good health and grace that Jesus received as Mary suckled him. Amen

Continue resting in this image absorbing the light rays of His healing love in faith for the next few moments.

Isaiah 66:12

For Yahweh says this,” Look I am going to send peace flowing like a river. “

Choose a sacred word like “Peace“and dwell upon the image of you bathing in the living waters of grace. Imagine the waters washing away your agitated feelings and feel God’s peace flowing through you.

Now appropriate God’s word and promises for your healing.

Thank you Jesus for setting me free from my emotional turmoil and blessing me with your peace through the living waters of baptism. Amen.

Continue resting in this image absorbing the light rays of his healing love in faith for the next few moments.

Isaiah 66:13

“You will be suckled, carried on her hip and fondled in her lap. As a mother comforts a child, so I shall comfort you:

Choose a sacred word like “carried” or “comforted“ and dwell upon an imaginary image of the Mother of God comforting you on her lap Slowly and meditatively repeat the sacred heart words chosen from this scripture text for a few minutes.

Now appropriate God’s word and promises for your healing.

Jesus, thank you for affirming me through the loving touch of your mother and bless me with all the caresses of bonding love that you received with your mother.

If I was deprived of a father’s love bless and heal my wounded heart with all the bonding graces you received from St. Joseph. Amen

Continue resting in this image absorbing the light rays of his healing love in faith for the next few moments.


Prayer Comment:

The Mother of God’s role in the life of Jesus as nurturer highlights our needs for similar spiritual milk or blessings. As the maternal Mediatrix of all graces she nurtures within us all the spiritual blessings Jesus received for the formation of his faith and prayer life.