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Being Set Free From Our Mothers Fears

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Womb experiences can be an underlying factor of our fears.

In many incidences our fears can be traced back to the circumstances of life that our mother was experiencing when we were in her womb. The fear of falling, loud noises, large crowds, dread of heights, acrophobia. The fear of moving or change, poverty, death, etc. may have been transferred to us.

Our womb experiences can be brought to Jesus for healing through our imagination. The Spirit of God waits to communicate with us through our imagination when we invite Jesus into the story of our lives.

The following prayer steps guide us how to do this:



We seek a quiet place and enter into a meditative state to quieten our thoughts.

We visualise the light rays of God’s Spirit overshadowing our mother’s womb……………………………………………….

We now visualise ourselves in our mother’s womb ……………….

Some people may see themselves as a dot floating in fluid. Others may visualise a developing embryo.

Most people have difficulty imagining themselves there. Simply trust, by surrendering yourself into God’s Love.

Invite the Holy Spirit to radiate His Light into all the areas of your life within your mother’s womb. Ask Jesus to enlighten you about your conception and your time within the womb…………………………….

Silently reflect on these questions and be aware of any emotions within you that begin to stir. Do not dismiss these interior movements and allow yourself the time to just be present to these feelings.

Were your conceived in a loving way?

Were you an unplanned child with a fear of being aborted?

Did you experience domestic violence within the womb?

Were you exposed to loud noises or a traumatic event……..

Did a loved family member die……………

Remain with the feelings or insights for a few moments

Visualise the rays of Jesus’ merciful love flowing over you within your mother’s womb.

” Thank you Jesus for delivering me from the fears I received within my mother’s womb. For setting me free from being spiritually burdened through grief. To be able to forgive those who wished to harm me in any way ………..

. Now rest in the rays of his merciful love for five to ten minutes praying repeatedly … Jesus I trust in You …. Jesus I trust in You………..

Mary, as Jesus’ mother you loved, nourished, affirmed and comforted him. Pray for me to receive those same maternal blessings too. ………..

Again rest in God’s presence imagining the rays of light penetrating your mother’s womb for five minutes…………..

God’s word has a power and an authority to deliver us from our fears that paralyse us in our body soul or spirit. But His word will need to be proclaimed and appropriated to our circumstances of life through faith. It will now become alive and active for our personal healings.

When Nicodemus said, “How can anyone who is already old be born? Is it possible to go back into the womb and be born “Jesus replied “In all truth I tell you no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born through the Water and the Spirit. What is born of human nature is human. What is born of the Spirit is spirit in a new way. (John 3: 4-6)

Through the power of the Holy Spirit we can proclaim God’s Word spoken to Nicodemus and then appropriate his promises for our own life.



“Jesus your words quoted in scripture tells us that no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the spirit. I ask you to appropriate the promise of your words in John 3: 4-6 to me to be reborn again through grace.

Thank you Jesus for regenerating within me a new and divine life that shares in all the heavenly blessings. In my Baptism with water and the spirit you offered me this divine life. I now proclaim these promised blessings for my body soul and spirit. “In Jesus Name I Pray Amen.


Prayer Comment:

When we proclaim God’s word it’s like Mary giving birth to Jesus, the Incarnate Word made flesh. These promises of God take flesh and become a reality in our lives. Setting us free from our mother’s fears is only the beginning. Humans are creatures of habit or have habitual learned behavioural responses that have to be re-educated. The suggested prayers of praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and a few titles from Mary Mediatrix of all Graces Litany Prayer is highly recommended.

The special graces in the Divine Mercy Chaplet continues to set you free from using the memory of your fears as an excuse for not moving forward in your life. The Litany titles of Mary True Mother of the Living and numerous others titles will continue the healing process for us to be filled with grace and be permanently healed.