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Choosing to Fly in the Spirit

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Through our senses we read, we meditate using our reason and imagination, and we pray to transform our life with our will. Thus we walk in the spiritual realm. On one level to do this is natural but we have to relearn this because very often we are prevented from doing this because of what Jesus calls our ”flesh”.

It is the Spirit that gives life the flesh has nothing to offer: John 6:63. These simple steps gently guide us how to do this- fly in the Spirit.

Create your own special space – use reflective music and/or incense, oil burner.

Invite Jesus to be with you as you spend a few minutes breathing in the music, absorbing the perfumed aroma.

Light a candle and be aware of the flame. Watch as it flickers and moves without restriction. Focus on it for a few minutes.

I invite you now to visualize a dragonfly resting on a lily pad in the centre of a stream.

Be aware of the surrounds – birds, trees, insects, sounds, smells.

Watch the dragonfly spread its wings and take flight, skimming over the surface of the water.

Jesus is with you as your spirit soars and darts freely with the dragonfly. Together you both explore.

Reflect on the activities that prevent you from finding the time to learn how to pray and grow in the love of Jesus.

Ask Jesus how can you practically address these issues in order to free yourself?

Jesus, I ask for the flexibility of the dragonfly to help me implement these necessary steps.

Close your quiet time by giving thanks to Jesus for the beauty of the dragonfly, symbolic of all the beauty in your life.

Each time you return to this scene and ask for Jesus’ help, He will enlighten you so you can expand your wings and become fully alive.