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Claiming the Blessings

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So many times we feel life isn’t fair – unpleasant things happen; loved ones die, businesses/relationships/friendships fail, dreams never come true. We begin to feel so dispirited and sorry for ourselves in these circumstances that we fail to recognize God in the midst of our pain. Until such time as we choose to release our anger, resentment, unforgiveness and often even hatred, we can never reach a place of peace within.

To help you achieve this you are invited to carry out the following:


Prayer exercise:

Come into the presence of the Lord to sit / wait / listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Visualize Jesus on the cross. Imagine yourself before Him.

Jesus, I invite you into my pain and suffering and choose to release it to your Heavenly Father in the same way as you chose to release your life with the words –

Father, forgive them: they do not know what they are doing ‘Into your hands I commend my spirit.’

Visualize the blood that Jesus shed flowing through and cleansing your painful memories.

With each breath that you take continue to release any negative emotions.

When you feel you have emptied yourself, imagine the sun rising over the horizon…… bathing you in the golden dawning of a new day. As the darkness within dissipates you will now be free to recognize the many blessings that are present in your life. These have been clouded by the negative emotions you have carried within.

Just as the Angel rolled the stone away on Easter Sunday morning which allowed Jesus to come out of the tomb, you are now free to come out of your own personal tomb.

Take some time now to ask Jesus to reveal to you the blessings that you have been unaware of.  You may be very surprised at some of these!!

Jesus open my eyes to see the blessings you have given me.

Jesus I thank you and I love you for blessing me with life ……

Jesus, I thank you and I love you for blessing me with faith ……

Jesus I thank you and I love you for blessing me with …….

Continue to thank and love Jesus by naming all the blessings that come into your mind ………


Prayer Comment:

This way of praying teaches us how to put on the garments of praise for the spirits of heaviness. We can become heavily burdened with the cares and concerns of life. Praising and thanking Jesus opens our hearts to receive a new outpouring of his love and grace to carry us through.

Without forgiveness his love cannot remain, it is the key that unlocks our heart to receive all his heavenly blessings.