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Contemplating Gods Word in my Heart

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Opens the eye of my soul to see Jesus’ in all the events of my life.
This way of praying flows from the heart and is beyond words and understanding. It does not depend on our thoughts or ideas.
It will help us to discipline the intellect and lovingly allows God’s spiritual gifts to enlighten my soul.  These spiritual gifts help me to see, and understand how and why I react to events or fears in my life.
When we gaze upon God, in the silence of love the healing process begins for our body, soul and spirit.   A transformation occurs that is supernatural and restorative.
As we sit – wait – listen for the interior voice or promptings of the spirit we come to know God in a personal and intimate way.

Prayer Exercise:  

I begin this prayer by finding a quiet reflective place and imagine myself to be sitting in God’s presence…………….
I invite the Holy Spirit to prompt me with a sacred word from scripture and place this word in my heart…….
I speak this sacred or heart word silently in my heart, gazing lovingly at Jesus and repeating it very slowly……. Rather than say the word out loud, let the word – as it were – speak itself over and over in my heart……….
If thoughts or distractions come into my mind I just gently place them in Jesus’ heart and return to my sacred heart word from scripture for the next five minutes.

Prayer Comment:

e.g. In Johns Scripture 4:12  I choose my sacred or heart word to be living water…….  living water…….  living water……. living water ……. living water …….. etc. for the next five or so  minutes I continued to repeatedly pray this word gazing upon Jesus.

At the closure of the prayer I give thanks to Jesus and pray an Our Father .