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Contemplation Sit – Wait -Listen – Prayer Card

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Sit / Wait /Listen Prayer Card

To Sit:

To choose    sacred place and a quiet time to relax and be present to form a relationship with Jesus.

To Wait:

Is to still the mind from wandering (focussing on a mental image of Jesus helps) quieten the interior voices (by repeatedly praying the name Jesus to your mind image of Jesus or Come Holy Spirit) to do this for five to ten minutes daily.

To Listen:

Is to engage the mind to hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit to guide you how to pray for the healing of your life’s hurts.

To Grow:

Growing in the prayer gifts of the Holy Spirit will help us to communicate with God .These spiritual gifts are enriched through contemplative prayer.


These simple prayer steps prepare our hearts to receive God’s love.  As we sit in the silence of love through the first two steps our hearts are united with God’s heart for his love to be poured into ours. (Referred to as passive contemplation)
The third step involves God’s spiritual gifts empowering us to communicate with Jesus and to bring his light into the darkness of our lives. (Referred to as active contemplation)
The fourth step encourages us to grow in an awareness and understanding about the spiritual gifts for the prayer ministries of healing and intercession.