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Healing of Wounds Within the Womb

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As we invite Jesus to shine his healing love and light into our mother’s womb our fears and concerns begin to be healed.

God’s amazing love can transcend all time and space. Jesus, through the power of His Spirit begins the restoration .

“Behold I make all things new”.



Being still and sitting in a quiet place is important for us to receive God’s grace.

WE always begin our prayer by thanking Jesus for his loving actions that brough us the gift of eternal life. His healing power begins to flow as we ask forgivness for the actions of our parents and our ancestors. We are all connected to one another through the genetic and inheritied character traits of our family members.

“Jesus, I thank you and I love you for the pain, suffering and the shedding of your precious blood to redeem me from the effects of sin.

Set me free from the inherited sinful traits of my parents or ancestors that are still evident within me. I ask for your mercy and to be forgiven for my weaknesses and those of my family line too.

Jesus, You were conceived in a pure womb through a privileged grace and I ask to share in this same grace for my conception as well.

If I experienced rejection, negativity or emotional abuse within the womb I ask for your love Jesus to forgive my parents and for their actions.

Father forgive them and have mercy of them.

If I experienced anxiety or fear in the birthing process shine your healing light into the darkness of my terror. …. Envelope me in your peace and comfort me with a Father’s love that affirms and nourishes me with confidence security and hope.

When I could no longer hear the heartbeat of my mother I became distressed and anxious. Hear my cry and heal the wounds within my spirit that panic when I can no longer control events in my life. ……….

If I was unable to bond with my father or mother after birth due to medical interventions or circumstances……….. bathe me Jesus in your merciful love and Holy Spirit………………. Send forth your healing light to bless me with the same bonding graces you received from St. Joseph and your mother Mary.

Mary, Mother of God, may the beauty, love and joy of all the graces Jesus received in your womb during your pregnancy bless me too. Continue to pray for me so that I may become whole in Jesus’ image and likeness and be restored through His love and mercy.

In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.”


Prayer Comment:

These simple prayer steps begin the healing process. They introduce us to the mystery of the Immaculate Conception that prepares the way for us to be set free from the recurring traits and weaknesses of our family. Through the act of forgiveness we invite Jesus light and the healing power of his spirit to minister to us.