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Healing Our Sensitivity

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In the Prayer Ministry of Inner Healing visualising our emotions and feelings will help us to surrender them to Jesus for healing. The imagination is the window of the soul and when we imagine our interior hurts we allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten us about their depth and their effects upon us.

These simple prayer steps introduce us to an awareness that when we co-operate with grace we open our heart to receive countless blessings from Jesus. Being fragile or sensitive does not have to be a burden. We can choose to be healed by inviting the Holy Spirit to guide us through the steps of inner healing.

We are all aware of the need to handle fragile items with great care. One wrong move and they can be damaged and never the same again, or they can be totally destroyed.

During your journey of life the same may have occurred in your fragile inner self when you were not handled or treated in a very gentle way. Your inner self may still bear these effects and as a result, youcan be very fragile in certain areas.


Prayer Exercise

Invite Jesus to be present with you.

Reflect on the first time you felt exposed and fragile.

Are you able to forgive those involved?

Visualise a rose which is symbolic of your inner self.

How disfigured is it?

Watch as Jesus restores the rose and replants it in your heart.

Mary, Mystical Rose of God pray for us.


Prayer Comment:

Litany Prayers bring special blessings for emotional hurts. They have a twofold grace. They set us free from being captive to the words or actions of others and heal our sensitive spirit.