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How To Be Still Without Distractions

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Resting in God’s love or the prayer of the Heart requires us to still our mind and thoughts so we can focus on Jesus and remain in His presence.  Our restlessness of spirit can often hijack this quiet resting time into a review of life concerns or be a problem solving time.

Coping with distractions is more than disciplining our mind. Once we attempt to be still and try to listen to God, our subconscious mind becomes aware of this vacant space or time for its suppressed voice to be heard.
We now have all these competing voices within us trying to be heard.
Jesus knows we will encounter this difficulty and he reinforces his message through the words in Philippians.    I appeal to you, make my joy complete by being of a single mind, one in love, one in heart and one in mind. ( Philippians 2: 2 )
God’s word suggests how to achieve this.
, And for this God raised him on high and gave him   the name which is above all names. So that all beings in the heavens, on earth and in the underworld should bend the knee at the name of Jesus and that every tongue should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:9-11
There is power in the Name of Jesus and even our thoughts, feelings, concerns, desires or distractions will be subject to his Name. What an incredible statement to make that the desires and voices within us can be subdued.
Jesus’s Name is more than a name tag to identify who he is. His Name encompasses his whole personhood.  Son of God, Son of Man and all his loving words, acts, suffering death and resurrection. If we in faith proclaim Jesus titles the power of His Name does set us free.  Our inner silence and peace returns for us to hear the quiet interior voice of the Holy Spirit.

The LITANY OF THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS   is one of the easiest ways we can quieten our minds.  By meditatively praying each title and then ask Jesus to have mercy on us.

So when  distractions flood your mind  as you contemplate God’s Word don’t be tempted to  enter into a mental shouting match  of praying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ,Jesus.  To try and quieten the incessant thoughts.

Consider meditatively praying the various Litany titles and then choose one title and focus on that title as your Jesus prayer.
In the majority of cases you will notice a quietness or stillness overshadowing your thoughts.  After five minutes or so you can revert to your chosen heart word or phrase from scripture for this prayer time.
If the mind remains overstimulated and the inner peace does not return just keep praying the specific litany title for your remaining time at prayer.
We live in a busy technological world where our minds can be overstimulated by all the various forms of communication. Our spirit does absorb these energy fields. People often off load their emotional baggage or negativity   and we begin to feel heavy or spiritually burdened.
(In the cleansing process of praying the Litany titles Jesus is not only setting you free but them as well .   Some days it’s easy to sit/wait/listen to God’s Word.  Other days depending where you have been and who you have been interacting with it can be more difficult.)
Your prayer time of continually praying Litanies may continue for a few weeks to set you free from other people’s spiritual burdens.  In the process you begin to self-discipline your activities of turning your phone off so you can be fully attentive to God. Praying in sacred and quiet places that does not stimulate your senses.  Making a visit to a Church for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and receiving Holy Communion frequently.

When we pray we become God’s light in the darkness of this world.   We truly are a blessing to all those who come in contact with us as his light shines through us to them.  So don’t give up Jesus wants you to experience his love and grow into a personal relationship with him.

Prayer Comment:
Being still and knowing God is the pinnacle of prayer and prepares the way for wholeness and holiness.  It is a gift, and we must continually pray for God to keep blessing us with his grace to persevere.