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Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

An individual directed retreat in daily life through The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius over 30 weeks.

This grace filled retreat will enable you;
To know Jesus more intimately,…
To love him more intensely…
And to follow him more closely.


The First Exercises - Ignatian SpiritualityThe First Exercises – Ignatian Spirituality – Finding God in All Things

Ignatius discovered that God can be found in all things, in all events, in every moment. Learning to listen to the movements of his heart, he was led to a profound faith in Jesus, and he invited others to journey along the path he trod. Generations later we call this path “Ignatian Spirituality?. It is a pilgrim’s path, a way that respects each person in their life journey, but profoundly challenges the pilgrim to hear, to decide and to journey onwards.

These Exercises can be offered to Individuals or groups as an interactive learning opportunity through skype or telephone over 6 weeks.

Cost: $60 which includes material, The First Exercises Book by Michael Hansen (Jesuit Priest and Author) and spiritual conversation with a director.

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