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Jesus Son Of The Living God Prayer

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This prayer gently introduces us to a Title of Jesus that sets us free from fantasies and being held captive to our desires.

To come in contact with the source of God’s Power we go into one’s centre and from there pass into God.

Take up a position that will enable you to sit still……….
Close your eyes………….
Then slow down the normal flow of thoughts by thinking this one phrase…………
‘Jesus Son of the Living God have mercy on me …………….’

Keep thinking or mentally praying the title…….. ‘Jesus Son of the Living God have mercy on me. ………..’
When you are on some other thought, return gently to this phrase title ………. Continue praying this way for the remaining prayer time……….. (Suggest 5-7 minutes daily)

At the beginning of this prayer take a minute or two to centre on Jesus and     then move in faith to God dwelling within us.  Slowly and reverently pray the     phrase ‘Jesus Son of the Living God have mercy on me’.   Keep repeating the     thought words within you and allow yourself to be drawn into the Heart God.
The Power of the Name ‘Jesus Son of the Living God’ will set you free.
His Name delivers us from the temptations of sin and we can begin to pray     this way when or wherever we are being tempted by the world, the flesh or     the devil. Through this way of praying we come to know and experience the     Power of Jesus setting us free from sinful thoughts desires or temptations.
Prayer is not a magic formula; it requires faith and a belief in the Power of     Jesus as the Son of God.
We receive the Gift of Faith at Baptism.   The events in our lives plus the     effects of sin can weaken our belief in Jesus’ Power.  If you wish to grow and     increase in faith follow the prompts in Assisted Help:


Personal Prayer Ministry available
The Angel Gabriel told Mary to name her child Jesus. And to Joseph, the angel explained ‘ He will save His people from their sins’ ( Mat 1:21).
We honour the Name of Jesus because ‘There is no salvation through anyone else, nor is there any other Name under Heaven given to the human race by which we are to be saved’ (Acts 4:12).