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We all have twentyfour hours in a day and the priorities we choose can imprison us. To find Jesus in a deep and meaningful way will involve our making the time to develop a relationship and talk to Him. Jesus is already speaking to us through our thoughts and inspirations. Usually we do not take the time to listen or believe He does communicate with us.

This prayer exercise introduces us to a way of surrendering our activities to Jesus and allowing Him to prioritise our time or activities.

Does your lifestyle promote a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment or does it cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed? Sometimes we need to just stop and assess what we are creating within and around us.

Just as we remove clutter from our homes so we can begin to remove clutter from our way of living.

During this prayer exercise you are invited to ask Jesus to show you how you can reduce the clutter in your life and how to lead a more simple style?

Start to put your life in order today and little by little disengage from extraneous activities.


Prayer Exercise:

Enter into a quiet space and visualise yourself with Jesus in an area where you feel at peace.

Ask Jesus to show you the first area you need to concentrate on.

Place this time or activity at the foot of the cross and visualise Jesus’ blood flowing over it.

Now invite Jesus to bless you and fill your inner emptiness with His healing light.

Daily surrender this area to Jesus and visualise His love flowing through every part of your being, cleansing you of this need to be over involved.

The Spirit will show you when to look at another area.


Prayer Comment

Sometimes our busyness can become a way of coping that masks our emotional pain or hurts. Finding the time to develop a prayer life brings us peace joy and wholeness.