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My Inner Jewels

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This guided imagery prayer gently guides us through the imagination to discover our inner beauty as we embrace our new life with Jesus.

In these simple prayer steps we discover the joy and delight of being in His presence. To sit/ wait/listen for Jesus to speak to us in a natural way through our thoughts and concepts.


Prayer Exercise :

Allow yourself to be present to the moment…………

Be comfortable with the sounds around you……Breathe them in and breathe them out……..

Now be aware of the beating of your heart……….

Gently place your hand there and focus your attention as you continue to breathe ……slowly……deeply………

Spend some time here quieting your inner self….

Invite Jesus to be with you – He may take the form of your favourite image…whether as a child or adult.

Visualize a music box…..

As you lift the lid a little dancer pops up…. She is set free to dance whenever the lid is opened.

As she turns the music plays.

Allow the music to bring colours to mind. Continue to breathe in these colours for a while.

Let your heart dance to the colours streaming from the box……..

Now become aware of many sparkling jewels inside the box.

If you can’t see any, continue breathing in the colours.

Delve to the bottom of the box and hold some of the jewels in your hands. Let them run through your fingers.

These are your very own special jewels or gifts, contained within, but perhaps unrecognized.

The full potential of these can only be realized or set free if you lift the lid.

I choose to open my heart in order to discover the jewels that are hidden within.

Is there any jewel you feel drawn to more than the others … ruby? … Sapphire? … Diamond? … Emerald? … maybe an Amethyst? … or a Topaz? … perhaps a Crystal?

This is your own special jewel. Hold it in your hand for a while … and breathe in its colour … Continue to breathe that colour into different parts of your body…

Ask Jesus what special grace this jewel holds for you.

You are encouraged to spend some minutes each day just sitting in the silence … holding your jewel … absorbing its colour and warmth…

Radiate your jewel to every part of your being…………

Sometimes you may be drawn to a different jewel. When that happens, don’t forget to ask Jesus about its special significance.


Prayer Comment

This prayer exercise of learning how to gaze upon an image in our imagination prepares us to begin contemplating God’s Word in Scripture and the prayer devotions of the Church. God’s healing power and promises are precious jewels.

In Isaiah Chapter 61:10, God uses the analogy of a bride being adorned with Jewels. He also speaks of His healing love being made present to us in creation as he is the source of all that exists. As we “be still and know He is God “these glory jewels, he has clothed us, will shine through