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Learning how to pray for emotional healings begins with our inviting Jesus into the turmoil of our lives. These steps guide us how to visualise our emotions as an image so we can surrender them back to Jesus for healing.

Prayer Exercise:

Often there are times in life when we feel swamped by waves of emotions. Even though we probably don’t feel like it, it is really important at this time to nurture ourselves.

Find a quiet space…. Perhaps burn an aromatherapy candle or oil with an opened bible next to you.

Ask Jesus the Fisherman to be with you as you visualise yourself as a fish deep in turbulent water.

Name an emotion that you are struggling with .. loneliness .. anger .. rejection .. low self esteem .. and share this with Jesus.

With your next breath, breathe out your emotion as a bubble and follow it till it breaks at the surface.

Continue to slowly breathe out your emotion as you drift with the current.

Allow yourself to experience the gentle soothing movement of these waters of love and peace, imagining you are within God the Father’s heart.

Remain immersed here as He surrounds you with peace and tenderness.


Prayer Comment:

In the prayer of Inner Healing we experience being set free from our emotional and spiritual burdens. Jesus bringsus a new life of grace. Discover how you can grow in God’s peace and love by learning how to pray this way.