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Praying For The Gift Of Tongues

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St. Paul says, “I want you all to speak in tongues” (1 Cor 14:5)

Praying for this Gift can be with others or by ourselves. It begins with a desire in our heart to release God’s Power of Love within us and to receive the Holy Spirit’s Spiritual Gifts. These Gifts of Jesus help us to pray and proclaim His Love and promises for others, build up the Body of Christ and to bring the Good News to the poor.

One of the most difficult aspect about comprehending the Holy Spirit’s Language of Love is that it does not flow from the intellect but from our spiritual inner being.

We have no control over the words or consonants. We feel embarrassed and ridiculous when we repeatedly say the same word or phrase over and over again like a babbling baby.

Apostle Peter tells us at Pentecost that people thought the disciples were drunk when they began speaking in Tongues. He said, “These men are not drunk, as you imagine; why it is only the third hour of the day. On the contrary this is what the prophet was saying

“In the last days – the Lord declares I shall pour out My Spirit on all humanity Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, Your young people shall see visions, Your old people see dreams Even on the slaves, men and women Shall I pour out My Spirit? (Acts 2: 15-18)

Doubts too will flood your mind after you pray for this Gift. You will question how these funny noises can be the Gift of Tongues. All we seem to be doing is speaking lots of consonants or syllables that have no rhyme or reason.

These doubts can be so convincing that our human pride begins to squash the consonant’s bubbling up within us waiting to be vocally released. We will need to remember St. Paul’s words,

“That is why anybody who speaks in a tongue must pray that he may be given the interpretation. For if I pray in a tongues, my spirit may be praying but my mind derives no fruit from it. What then? I shall pray with the spirit, but I shall pray with the mind as well: I shall sing praises in the spirit and I shall sing praises with the mind as well.

Otherwise, if you say your blessing only with the spirit, how is the uninitiated person going to answer “Amen” to your thanksgiving, without understanding what you are saying? You may be making your thanksgiving well, but the other person is not built up at all.

I thank God that I speak in tongues more than any of you; all the same, when I am in the assembly I would rather say five words with my mind, to instruct others as well, than ten thousand words in a tongue.” (1 Corinthians 14:13- 19)

Always attempting to be in control of outcomes can be another blockage preventing you from receiving this Gift. I suggest you listen to the audio prayer,’ Receiving a NewOutpouring of the Spirit’ in the Assisted Help.

When we fail to progress past the repetitive tongue syllables or words it is usually a sign that our spirit is grieved or wounded. It’s important to ask Jesus why these words keep being repeated and listen for the quiet gentle promptings of the Spirit within you.

You may need to forgive someone and surrender your pain or hurt to Jesus. After you do this you will discover the Spirit releasing new words and sentences for you. Also if a curse has been placed upon you or your family tree this too will often prevent the flow of tongues.



We look at Jesus through the eyes of faith and ask for a new outpouring of His Holy Spirit and to pray in Tongues. (Luke 3: 21-22., 1 Cor 12: 4-11)

Jesus, I am mindful of my human weaknesses, yet with great confidence, I come before You. I am still in need of Your Forgiveness, Mercy and Healing.

I surrender myself to You……….. all my abilities and weaknesses …………….

I bring to You all my fears about sounding foolish and embarrassed by what other think and my unreasonable control over the way I express myself…………..

Send down the fire of Your Love and anoint my heart with Your Holy Spirit to desire God’s Language of Love……..

Release my tongues so I can praise and worship You…………………

Restore and heal my heart from the effects of sin and heal my broken heart by Your Love……………

Grant me the Gift to speak in Tongues for praise and healing and to build up of Your Kingdom here on Earth……………

Empower me with the Gift to Interpret Tongues and enlighten me to receive Your Divine inspirations for all the other Spiritual Gifts to develop and mature within me. …………….

I give thanks and praise for Your Language of Love Jesus ……………………


Now visualize the rays of the Holy Spirit Coming down upon you For the next five to ten minutes.


Pray repeatedly:

Come Holy Spirit grant me the Gift of Tongues



Not everyone can be with others to pray over them to receive this supernatural Gift. But their presence does help and encourages us to persevere in the early stages of developing this Gift. Having prayed with many people to receive the Gift of Tongues on an individual basis I have discovered that it helps to repeat some ones else’s Tongue words to initiate your own. I suggest you purchase the book and Prayer Ministry CD Praying in the Language of Love to help you.