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Receiving The Power Of The Trinity At Mass

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Contemplating the Trinity in the sacrifice of the Mass is the highest form of prayer I can engage in. God power is fully present in the Holy Mass.

Jesus presents Himself to me through his living Word in the specific scripture readings at the Mass. If I listen to them with an open heart and mind they will enrich, affirm or convict me and change my life. (Heb 4:12. Jn 15:3. Ps. 107:20. Wisdom 16:12. Heb 6:5., Ps. 119:103).

The word that goes from my mouth does not return to me empty, without carrying our will and succeeding in what it was sent to do (Is. 55:11).

But I will need to co-operate with the grace being offered to me at the Mass by being fully present to God’s message. Reflecting on the scriptures before I go to Mass helps me to embrace God’s living words into my heart.

After the readings the Mass re-enacts the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary with the consecration of the Host. This is the source and summit of all Christian life with the sanctifying action of God in our regard and our worship of him. The prayer of consecration takes us into the Trinity. We look up at the elevated body and blood of Jesus, risen and glorious, and pray

Through him (Jesus)
With him,
In him,
In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
All glory and honour is yours,
Almighty Father.

I receive the graces for a divine life through the Bread of Life (Holy Communion) and Jesus’ precious blood to purify, free and preserve me for everlasting life.

The glory of the Lord and his presence is now most powerful in me after Holy Communion. This is the union to which contemplative prayer leads us too.

Something which has existed since the beginning; that we have heard and we have seen with our own eyes; that we have watched, and touched with our hands; the Word, who is life. “(1Jn 1:1)