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What is Contemplative Prayer?

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A way of prayer that will unite our heart to God for us to become one in heart and spirit.

The Catholic Catechism describes Contemplative Prayer as “the simple expression of the mystery of prayer. It is a gaze of faith fixed on Jesus, and attentiveness to the Word of God, a silent love. It achieves real union with the prayer of Christ to the extent that it makes us share in his mystery” (CCC2724).

We come to a supernatural awareness of our total dependency upon God’s Word as our Father and as the author of all life.

As we are infused with His love he enriches us with all the spiritual gifts for our life’s journey. We simply need be present to Him.

God through Contemplative Prayer anchors our heart into the heart of God. He unites our spirit with His Holy Spirit.

His Holy Spirit speaks to us

As we sit/wait/listen to the promptings of his Spirit we learn how live and pray to receive God’s promised blessings.

Contemplative Prayer heals our wounded spirit.

Like any parent, God lovingly guides His children on this prayer journey of healing. He asks us to trust and be attentive to His Word spoken to us through Scripture and to the inspirations of His Holy Spirit spoken to us in our hearts.