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What is Inner Healing Prayer?

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The memories of our early years set the patterns of our future behaviour.
 The prayer of Inner Healing helps us to revisit our memories with Jesus for him to restore peace, love, forgiveness and healing. We exist in a body have a soul and a spirit and our experiences of life from the moment of conception can still affect us causing fear,  emotional turmoil ,  suicidal feelings, low self-esteem and the belief we are unlovable.   

The prayer of Inner Healing helps me to understand why I react to others the way I do and enlightens me how to pray for the healing of my relationship with God and with others.    Healing is difficult for us to understand if we do not go back and look at our story, what God Our Father did for us.

Our Heavenly Father gave us life and created us with the light of understanding. Then he offered to every person an intimacy or closeness with Him and can be described as ‘God walking with us in cool of the garden’.  This intimacy was affected tragically when we did not trust in Him or His words.  Ashamed of our selves we chose to hide from God and began to listen to another voice instead of God’s.  

 Our Creator put in process another plan so we could return to Him. He sent His only Son Jesus Christ into the world to light up the darkness of our minds by his Word.   Through his suffering and death he carried upon himself the evil, sin and shame of us all. He carried out the will of the Father and delivered us so we could be intimate again   through the forgiveness of sin.   

God’s desires us to develop an intimate relationship with him, to freely welcome the light and the presence of His Son, Jesus, into our lives.  By listening attentively to Him and believing in Him and His words we can see, hear and experience the power of his love healing us.