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What Is Passive And Active Contemplative Prayer?

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In the Angelus way of praying passive and active contemplation prepares a person to have an intimate relationship with Jesus.

In Passive Contemplation Jesus speaks to our heart in the silence of his love. It is a union of hearts ours and His. This way of praying bypasses the intellect and living waters of grace flow to nurture and nourish the Holy Spirit’s gifts within us.

Active Contemplation is where we engage the intellect using the gifts of the spirit after the stillness and silence of passively contemplating God’s Word. The spiritual gifts empower us to hear the Spirits interior voice, receive insights and to communicate with Jesus.

Passive Contemplation Steps are:

To Sit:

To choose sacred place and a quiet time to relax and be present to form a relationship with Jesus.

To Wait:

Is to still the mind from wandering (focussing on a mental image of Jesus helps) quieten the interior voices (by repeatedly praying the name Jesus to your mind image of Jesus or Come Holy Spirit) to do this for five to ten minutes daily.

To Listen:

Is to engage the mind to hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit and be attentive to what Jesus is saying to you.

To Grow:

These spiritual gifts are enriched through passive contemplation and empower us to grow in faith, hope and love. They help us to communicate, develop an intimate relationship with Jesus and allow him to guide us how to pray for the healing of body soul and spirit.

Active Contemplative Steps

Imagine yourself having a conversation with Jesus. Ask him why he inspired you to pray your particular word

Listen for the promptings, trust and believe that the thoughts can be coming from the Spirit

If you received and inspired thought, ask Jesus to enlighten you about what he means

DON’T EXPECT to hear God audibly in a loud voice. He speaks to us through the promptings of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

APPROPRIATE THE WORDS OR INSIGHTS you may have received and pray those words or insights for your healing or for others.


Prayer Comment:

Contemplative prayer forms the foundational pillars of Angelus prayer ministry. As we learn to sit/wait/listen to Jesus his Spirit teaches us through his gifts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding about the ways of God.