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Why be an intercessor

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The role of an intercessor is to pray for God’s love and glory to shine in others. They desire everyone to receive the gift of salvation and are prayer evangelisers for God’s

Word to be made flesh in the hearts of those they pray for.

Intercessors grow in knowledge and understanding of the spiritual realms. Through the Holy Spirit’s prayer gifts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding they proclaim God’s Word to set people free from being emotionally imprisoned by their fears or hurts. They also pray for God deliverance and healing for those who are spiritually oppressed or captive to sinful ways by the powers of darkness.

An intercessor in the Angelus way of Prayer takes Mary as their role-model. By sitting, waiting and listening to God’s Word they allow the Holy Spirit to guide them how to be poor in spirit by identifying their own weaknesses or failings before they pray for others. This virtue of spiritual poverty that flows from being poor in spirit prepares an intercessor to be humble and contrite of heart like Mary.

Like a doctor in the natural world that undergoes training in biology and pharmacology, an intercessor in the supernatural world is taught by the Holy Spirit. They learn about the different forms of prayer and ways of praying to bring liberty to captives, set the downtrodden free, new sight to the blind and to mend broken hearts or relationships.

In the pharmacology of prayer there are three actions that intertwine with one another. Each action or element brings God’s infusion of grace for the healing of body, soul and spirit.

These three prayer forms are:

  • Vocal
  • Meditative
  • Contemplative (Resting in God’s Heart)

The Holy Spirit guides the intercessor how to offer prayer petitions flowing from these prayer forms.

Vocal Prayer : Can be our spontaneous words of praise, petition and thanksgiving or an act of sorrow and contrition; Prayer devotions of the Church such as Psalms, Divine Office, Rosary, Litanies, Stations of the Cross etc. Worship songs of praise and dance are also forms of vocal prayer.

Meditative Prayer: Guides us to God’s scriptures to meditate on His Word. To read, ponder and prayerfully proclaim God’s promises to become alive and active in those we are praying for. (Heb: 4:12-13).

Contemplative Prayer: (Resting in the Heart of God). Is to bypass the intellect and allow our heart to rest in the Heart of Jesus. In the silence of just Be-ing we are infused with God’s love and the Holy Spirit’s prayer gifts for intercession.

Effective Intercessory prayer is relative to an intercessor’s love relationship with Jesus. Through the mystery of grace Jesus transforms their hurts, wounds, rejection and even abuse into blessings for the healing of others. Through the intercessor’s act of forgiveness and prayers for inner healing Jesus radiates His healing love to others with similar hurts and wounds.