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Why Be An Intercessor?

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God the Father sent his Son Jesus to earth to prepare the way for us to receive eternal life. He also established a garden of grace so we could experience all his heavenly blessings here on earth. After Jesus’ death he sent the power of his Holy Spirit upon all those who believed Jesus was the Son of God.

The power of the Spirit continues to-day anointing a multitude of people to water, nurture, fertilize and prune his garden of grace that exists in the soul of each person. These sowers and reapers are called Intercessors.( Matt: 10

God blesses them with his Heart filled with compassion to love the unlovable , his eyes to see with the eyes of Jesus, a mind to understand God’s mercy is for everyone and the faith to believe in the promises of Christ.

The Holy Spirit generously offers to them all the spiritual gifts or gardening tools to help them be more effective in their prayer ministry of praying for others.

They are like Angels, messengers and servants of grace for God.

When they learn how to sit/wait/listen by contemplating God’s word his Spirit enlightens them how to scatter the seeds and produce an abundant harvest of souls for eternal life.

Mary of the Angelus Intercessors are prayer evangelisers giving birth to Jesus in the hearts of those they pray for. It is a prayer mission of love that brings the good news to the poor, heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds through the prayers of inner healing. With Jesus they cast out unclean spirits and engage in spiritual warfare to rescue souls from the powers of darkness.( Matt 18:18)

Prayer Comment:

In the mystery of grace Christ responds to the prayers of the faithful. It’s a prayer ministry of divine love that brings his gift of salvation to the world.