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Why Be Poor In Spirit?

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Blessed are the poor in Spirit the Kingdom of God shall be theirs (Matthew 5:3)

This Beatitude is a foundational prayer requirement for Angelus Prayer Ministry. Our mission is to love and pray for God’s poor and those who are unable to pray for themselves. Being poor in Spirit is the spirituality of Jesus. He emptied Himself of His divinity to become man so we could receive eternal life.

We share in Christ’s divine blessings as we embrace this way of life with a humble and contrite heart. To be poor in spirit is to recognise that all we have and all we can do is a gift from God. As we continually give thanks and praise for God’s goodness and blessings in our life and for the whole world, we also embrace our weaknesses or sinful traits and bring them to Jesus for healing.

The virtue that flows from being poor in spirit is the gift of spiritual poverty. This virtue is like a living sacrament of grace and as we pray for healing in the story of our own lives the richer God’s blessings will be for those we pray for.

Each person has a story and has experienced emotional pain that is unique to them. Their pain and anguish may have been heard but not healed. We can bring God’s divine blessings to them through our own poverty of spirit when we ask Jesus to identify similar pains or anguish in our own life. As we work through our healing or give thanks for the healing we have already received, we can pray for others to share in those same blessings.

The Holy Spirit continually places people in our lives that trigger off emotional reactions. Don’t get annoyed, just humbly ask Jesus how and why is this person in my life for my healing. (and for theirs too. )