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Why contemplate Gods Word in my heart

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The Prayer of Contemplation opens the eye of my soul

to see Jesus in all the events of my life.

This way of praying flows from the heart and is beyond words and understanding. It does not depend on our thoughts or ideas.

It will help us to discipline our intellect and lovingly allow God’s Spiritual Gifts to enlighten our souls. These Spiritual Gifts help us to see, and understand how and why we react to events or fears in our lives.

When we gaze upon God, in the silence of love, the healing process begins for our body, soul and spirit. A transformation occurs that is supernatural and restorative.

As we Sit/Wait/Listen for the interior voice or promptings of the Spirit we come to know Jesus in a personal and intimate way.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Contemplative Prayer is learning how to still the mind, I suggest you visit the prayer ministry tab: How to still my mind for contemplative prayer.