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Why Pray Against Abortion?

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There are three parties in the creation of life. God is the author of all life and the biological parents who choose to nurture and give birth to life.

Within each woman God our Creator and Father blesses us through his divine and natural law with instinctive reactions to preserve new life within the womb. These instincts can often be disregarded when our life’s circumstances are not conducive to us being pregnant.

Our human desire to reject new life within the womb can be for a variety of reasons. (too young, not planned, career or financial concerns, health issues, too many children , abusive relationship , rape etc ).

As we ponder our options concerning the new life within us we can experience interior conflicting messages. We hear the voices of the world affirming our right as a woman to choose when we have a child and to be the master of our own destiny. Or hear the voices of those who love us with their fears and concerns about this pregnancy. A maternal love and joy can infuse us with a desire to love, treasure and defend the life within us. But for some a detachment or a rejection of this new life can manifest as anger or resentment, with a desire to miscarry or abort.

Turning to prayer increase our awareness of the sanctity of life and helps us to overcome the conflicts of body soul and spirit for God’s love and grace to bless us.

“Jesus, Author of life have mercy on us.” ( Is a title in the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus )

When these words are reverently prayed over and over again Jesus’ power and jurisdiction is proclaimed to set us free from the negativity, fear and inner turmoil tempting us to reject or abort the baby. Repetitively praying the title summons multitudes of angels (Gods messengers of grace) that will assist us and encourage others to be there for us.


Prayer Comment:

Jesus knows the difficulties that lie ahead for you but he is always with you in your hour of need.