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Why Pray For Emotional Healing?

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The prayer of Inner Healing brings hope, healing and a new life of grace.

God created us with a body soul and spirit. The emotional wounds of our hurts, rejections and abuses of life plus the effects of sin can cause our spirit to become weary and our feelings heavily burdened.

Jesus desires to heal us through his Word and his Spirit. As we learn to sit / wait/ listen he reveals himself to us. Our wounded hearts and broken relationships begin to be healed and we are set free from being emotionally imprisoned by our fears or hurts.

The prayer of inner healing teaches us how to communicate with Jesus as we invite him into the memories of our life. Jesus teaches us to proclaim His living word in faith so we can receive the promised blessings of Christ.

Like a two edged sword God’s word seeks out the place where the soul is divided from the spirit, or joints from the marrow; it can pass judgement on secret emotions and thoughts. No created thing is hidden from him: (Heb 4:12-13)

The prayer of Inner Healing will transform our inner self as we invite Jesus to be present to us. He walks with us through the pain and memories of the hurts and heals our wounded spirit.

Jesus desires to give you a new heart and a new life of grace.


Prayer Comment:

Jesus’s healing love flows as we learn to forgive those who have hurt us. It’s important for us to understand about the role of forgiveness in the healing process.