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Why pray for others

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So the light of Christ can shine more brightly in their lives.

At Baptism we receive the gift of Faith and Prayer. When we pray for others their baptismal gifts grow stronger.

Hearts and lives become transformed when people pray for them in the power of the Holy Spirit. The effects of sin (those thoughts and actions that leads us away from God’s love) do burden and spiritually oppress people if no one is praying for them.

For every thought or action in our lives there is a blessing of goodness and light or a heaviness of spirit and darkness. When we pray for someone we bring the light of Christ’s healing into their darkness or spiritual heaviness. They are set free to experience the presence and love of Jesus.

Prayer can be an action of praise and worship for God’s goodness and love and also a cleansing action that is sanctifying grace for a soul.

Prayer initiates God’s mercy and healing for everyone.

The Angelus Way of Prayer’s Mission is to proclaim God’s Word in Luke 4:18

The spirit of the Lord is on me,

For he has anointed me

To bring the good news to the afflicted.

He sent me to proclaim liberty to captives,

Sight to the blind,

To let the oppressed go free,

To proclaim a year of favour from the Lord.”

Praying for others is about proclaiming God’s Word and His promises for others. Discover how to pray the Angelus Way for people to be set free and healed through the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit.