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Why Pray For Our Womb Experiences?

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A new life of grace begins at conception.

Some of our unexplained concerns and fears can be related to emotional events that happened within our mother’s womb

With Jesus there is no past, present or future and as we invite him to be present with us through prayer his love brings healing and peace.

When Nicodemus said, “How can anyone who is already old be reborn? Is it possible to go back into the womb and be born “, Jesus replied, “In all truth I tell you no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born through the water and the spirit. What is born of human nature is human. What is born of the Spirit is spirit in a new way” (John 3: 4-6).

We are reborn again through baptism and the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

In our broken world many children are not conceived in love, a pregnant mother may be living in fear of abuse, experiencing grief over the death & loss of a loved one or anxious about losing her baby and much more. It is possible for any of these emotions to transfer through to the fetus within a mother’s womb.

If our mother desired to miscarry or abort us we can receive the message we are an unwanted child and a burden to her and others. In extreme cases we may be tempted to consider self-harm actions or contemplate suicide if life becomes too difficult.

The trauma of our birthing process with medical complications or an instrumental or caesarian birth may subconsciously still be affecting us. Despite our mother’s love and affirmations since birth, the emotional scars remain until we or someone else prays for Jesus to heal those wounds.