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Why Pray Repetitive Prayers?

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This was one of life’s mysteries for me when I converted to Catholicism forty years ago. When I asked Catholics why they prayed a Hail Mary ten times for each decade of the Rosary or prayed a Litany with Jesus have Mercy on us up to thirty times I received a blank look. Those who did give me a reply told me it’s how they were taught at school or how their Mother prayed and Catholics just pray this way.

In the Angelus way repetitive prayer or Catholic prayer devotions are encouraged to compliment prayers for the healing of our emotions and memories. Inner Healing is a bridge between “here’ and “there.” Where is “here” and “there? It’s where you are right now and where you need to be. We can walk over the bridge to get to “there” when we invite Jesus into the memories of our life.

Healing broken relationships and binding up wounds is necessary if we wish to get from “here” to” there.” It requires three forms of prayer action.

The first prayer action is to identify and name the emotional hurts or wounds and become aware of any un-forgiveness. To present them to Jesus for healing.

The second prayer action is to proclaim Jesus acts of redeeming love or God’s word in Scripture. Proclaiming them in faith will set us free from our emotional imprisonment and negative thoughts.

The third prayer action is to pray to be restored or renewed through God’s divine grace. Repetitive Prayer initiates the flowing of this restorative action. Each Hail Mary – Litany Title- Station of the Cross becomes a building block of grace for our broken relationships and wounded spirit.


Prayer Comment:

We are creatures of habit and changing learned behavioural patterns is difficult. Our ways of thinking and acting have been affected by past emotional hurts. When Jesus sets us free from being emotionally imprisoned we begin to relearn how to act in grace filled ways. Praying Catholic Devotional Prayers blesses us so we can do this. Each time we repetitively pray multitudes of angels are sent from heaven to minister specifically to us.