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How Do I Become Intimate With God?

When we open the door to His heart through Contemplative Prayer This way of praying goes all the way back to the time when God first reached out to men […]

Contemplating A Litany Prayer Title

JESUS, SON OF THE LIVING GOD PRAYER   The way to come in contact with the living God is to go into one’s centre and from there pass into God. […]

Praying The Scriptures

Contemplating God’s Word This way of praying   requires us to still the mind as we breathe in God’s Word. He begins to speak to us in the depths of our […]

Jesus Son Of The Living God Prayer

This prayer gently introduces us to a Title of Jesus that sets us free from fantasies and being held captive to our desires. To come in contact with the source […]

How To Still My Mind Before God

Prayer of the Heart or Contemplative prayer leads our mind into a quiet place before God.  In this time of stillness our heart unites with Jesus and he infuses us […]

The Prayer of Contemplation

the human perspective

The Prayer Tree of God’s Love Like most brides, I was madly in love with the idea of marriage, and all the excitement and promises of sharing my life with […]

Come Holy Spirit Prayer

Our breath is the source of life for us.  When we prayerfully focus on our breath we become aware of the Holy Spirit breathing within us.  Visualising our breath moving […]