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Receiving the promises of christ – Valerie Murphy Fr Vincent Doyle
Seeking The Gift Of Inner Healing For Intercessory Prayer


The spirit of the Lord has been given to me,
For he has anointed me.
He has sent me to bring the good news to the poor,
To proclaim liberty to captives
And to the blind new sight,
To set the downtrodden free,
To proclaim the Lord’s year of favour
Luke 4:18-19

Luke’s word in Scripture describes Jesus’ healing action for His people through the ministry of inner healing. Each of us has painful memories and hurts, no matter how well hidden they may be.

Sometimes our memory recall shuts down in order to shield us from the harmful effects of trauma, or something in our lives that we wish to forget has ever happened. We go into a state of denial over the whole terrible experience. At some stage in our lives – and only the Lord knows when we are ready to address it – we need to invite Jesus in, to heal what we have kept hidden. When this happens, we ask Jesus to show us if we have any memories deep in our subconscious to which He wishes to bring His healing love.

This prayer action stimulates memories of life experiences which emerge in our conscious thoughts or through our dreams. The prayer for inner healing brings healing graces to our spiritual, emotional and physical wounds, by seeing a person, or an event, from a different perspective. When we invite Jesus, in faith, into our hurts we actively invite the life and healing power of Jesus into all parts of our being – physical, spiritual and emotional. As we go back in our memories and explore the hurts and pain of the past, we do so by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We walk with the grace, insight and understanding of God. Traditional counselling concentrates on physical and emotional hurts, but not on the spiritual pain e.g. I can choose to forgive my parents for favouring my sister more than me, but choosing doesn’t take away the spiritual pain. It is only when I invite Jesus into the healing process that I receive complete healing. I then know that I am the daughter or son of God and He loves me so much that the actions of my parents become insignificant in the healing light of Christ.

This booklet will assist individuals or groups who desire to pray for healing of specific hurts and effects from evil that continue to surface through dreams, feelings, emotions, habits and attitudes from past memory scenes or events in their life. The steps for inner healing are very simple and most inner healing prayers follow a simple format. This booklet explains the various steps of healing and gives an understanding of why the Holy Spirit guides you to pray for specific hurts in your life.