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Valerie Murphy and Fr Vincent Doyle
Praying In The Language Of Love Developing The Gift Of Tongues


The Language of Love, or the Gift of Tongues, is one of the Holy Spirit’s gifts which helps us to move from an intellectual faith to an expression of God’s love which flows from the Heart of Christ.

Rich in sounds and syllables but unintelligible to the rational mind, this work of the Holy Spirit expresses a mystical union between God and man. A treasury of blessings lies dormant within us from Baptism and is released when we desire the outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s gifts. Many are given the gift to interpret Tongues and this gift compliments the Language of Love (Tongues) and empowers the Christian to discern and interpret the movement of spiritual influences affecting their faith journey.

The Language of Love appears to many as a babble of sounds with no sense or purpose but it is a way for God to communicate to us and through us, for healing and for the prayer ministry of intercession. A tape supplements the teachings offered in this booklet and focuses on the ways to develop the gift of Tongues and the ability to interpret them. It aims to encourage listeners to discern the variety of syllables that form a pattern of speech and to discover God’s guidance in these syllables for the ministry of healing and intercession.

The Language of Love is God’s gift to all of us. May you seek to experience His love offered through this prayer of the heart!