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Choosing to Fly in the Spirit

CHOOSING TO FLY IN THE SPIRIT Through our senses we read, we meditate using our reason and imagination, and we pray to transform our life with our will. Thus we […]

Breathing In The New Life Of Jesus

human perspective

God formed man out of earth and breathed life- giving breath into his nostrils.” (Genesis 2:7) Jesus breathed and said, receive the Holy Spirit (John. 20:22) the breath that we […]

Contemplating Gods Word in my Heart

WHY CONTEMPLATE GODS WORD Opens the eye of my soul to see Jesus’ in all the events of my life. This way of praying flows from the heart and is […]

Simple Forgiveness Prayers

The inability to forgive ourselves and to not forgive others can be the pivotal point that prevents us from receiving God’s grace and healing. Forgiveness is the most basic of […]

Rosary Meditations for Healing

ROSARY MEDITATIONS FOR HEALING When we are praying for healing we can proclaim specific graces that flow from the different acts of Jesus life for ourselves and for others. I […]

Contemplating the Psalms

Praying the psalms will help us to grow in God’s love.  They empower and affirm us in our faith and through their inspired words bless us.  Psalms can either praise […]

The Rosary

The Prayer of the Rosary can be prayed individually or as a group. .  It is Christ centred, scriptural and contemplative and is one of the most powerful prayers against […]